Story of Blackberry Enterprise

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This blog is regarding rise and fall of one of the legendary companies in telecom history

” BlackBerry “

History (1984 – 2008):- 

  • 1984 :- Founded by  Engineering student  Mike Lazaridis,student at the University of Waterloo, and Douglas Fregin, an engineering student at the University of Windsor.   
  • First known as RIM ( Reaserch in motion ) which was basically a :-  electronics and computer science consulting company . blackberry name was attached with company for many years but RIM get officially converted into Blackberry in 2013
  • 1988 :- RIM becomes the first wireless data technology developer in North America and the first company outside Scandinavia to develop connectivity products for Mobitex wireless packet-switched data communications networks.  
  • 1999 :- Launched its first two-way pager the BlackBerry 850 .Which supports email and web browsing. The company’s products were named BlackBerry supposedly due to resemblance of the rounded physical keys to the seeds of the blackberry fruit. Also RIM lists on the Nasdaq 
  • Blackberry-850
  • 2000: The BlackBerry 857 was released the following year, and featured a larger monochrome screen set in portrait orientation, and used the DataTAC network
  • evo2BlackBerry857
  • 2004: The BlackBerry 7750 was launched in 2004, and boasted a solid battery life and 240 x 240 colour display in a larger body than its previous incarnations. The WiFi-only 7270 was also released later that year.
  • blackberry
  • 2008: Released in 2008, the BlackBerry Flip 8220 was a change of direction for the company, designed to cater to flip phone aficionados and this is the last year where this one of the most innovative companies in the world find themselves on top pf technology/telecom world
  • 9-10-08-blackberry-flip

After that BlackBerry changes for ever and never come back on the top .


So what happens from 2008 – Present which makes Blackberry a game changer to a viewer in telecom market . Lets see :-

  • By 2007-08 every 3rd phone purchased in US was Blackberry , But game started changing slowly from 2007 , When Mr Steve jobs launched I-Phone which is known as Giant Killer as well
  • Also following next year Android stared its establishment in Mobile market slowly but steadily
  • Apple offers consumers touch screen internet connectivity which was not offered by Blackberry till that time + safari browser was new thing which was not seen by smartphone market at that time
  • In 2008 apple allowed 3rd party applications to be installed on i-phone which accelerated i-phone sales with a huge margin as comparison to Blackberry.
  • Also BlackBerry had nothing to offer in comparison to what apple offered at that point of time , and this same situation continues for many coming years.
  • Blackberry never took Apple as a big gamer in smartphone industry as we can see in a press statement released by RIM ( BlackBerry)

“The recent launch of Apple’s iPhone does not pose a threat to Research In Motion Ltd.’s consumer-geared BlackBerry Pearl and simply marks the entry of yet another competitor into the smartphone market.”

In November 2008 Blackberry launches its first touch smartphone :- BlackBerry Storm , But it was a big flop because of two main reasons :-

  1. No QWERTY keypad , for which Blackberry was known for In its place was a horribly implemented touch-based keyboard. The ease of text entry, long a staple of BlackBerry devices, was missing.
  2. The operating system was improved for touch input but still not optimized for it. BlackBerry overlooked Apple’s approach of creating a symbiotic hardware and software relationship, instead thinking it could just slap a touchscreen on a BlackBerry and continue to enjoy strong sales

After above failure Blackberry comes back to its root ( keypad) and launches BlackBerry torch( 2010)

  • which have touch screen + keypad .
  • But because of less application offered by BlackBerry App World ( like play store) , it cannot force users to switch from i-phones or androids to BlackBerry again .

QNX Deal :- 

  • BlackBerry bought QNX Software Solutions from Harman International in April of 2010. The idea was to integrate QNX software into BlackBerry hardware to create a more compelling software experience.
  • But this transistion takes so much time which results into two problems :-  a) 2000 employed laid off  b) No new smartphone of BlackBerry in market running new software  till July 2011. ( means 15 months since sinitiating buy process)
  • Instead, it had made a questionable decision by debuting that software on a new tablet called the Playbook in April. Which was a huge flop because of no new feature  as comparisons to Android and i phones.
  • Even 2011 results into a good year for tablets but BlackBerry Playbook was a huge flop even after its prices $300 cut .
  •  Till end of  2011 BlackBerry had nothing to offer which distracts user from I -Phone or Android devices.

2012-14 :- 

  • A new year brought a new CEO as then-COO Thorsten Heins was brought in to take over from long-time co-CEOs Jim Basillie and Mike Lazaridis.
  • A lack of new products in 2012 essentially wasted another year for BlackBerry’s comeback, which by this point was admittedly a long shot. No major products were launched and the new BlackBerry 10 software — based on QNX  didn’t arrive in the second half of 2012. Instead, the company announced in June 2012 ( but 5000 jobs cut off ) . The Playbook tablet did see a new version of software, but aside from that, BlackBerry delivered no innovation during the year.
  • Innovation comes In 2013 with BlackBerry Z10 , it was the best smartphone of  BlackBerry till date , BUt again it get overlooked by consumers because of lack off application in it .
  • The company followed up with the Q10, Q5 and Z30 throughout the year, but its overall market share kept shrinking. There would be no comeback for BlackBerry’s hardware business.

Sad Part :-   😦

  • The reality of hour is whenever BlackBerry comes with new smartphone in the market , they find themselves 2 steps behind the leaders I-Phone and Android .Which is the most biggest concern of BlackBerry

We can only say that “Best of Luck BlackBerry for your future innovations ”

Thanks guys for reading , Please comment or like if find usefull.

Cheers 🙂



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