Hadoop :- HDFS – Basic shell commands (PART – I)

Hi Guys , In this article i will try to explain the most common shell commands of HDFS with practical example , hope you will get some useful information from this Lets start with simple typing hadoop fs u will get the following results :- user@ubuntuvm:~/Desktop/hadoop$ hadoop fs Usage: hadoop fs [generic options] [-appendToFile <localsrc>… Read More Hadoop :- HDFS – Basic shell commands (PART – I)

Hadoop :- Tuning of mapreduce program

Hi, Please read this in continuation of :-  https://haritbigdata.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/hadoop-inside-mapreduce-process-of-shuffling-sorting-part-ii/ In this blog i am going to explain about some features of map reduce which can help us in tuning and optimization of mapreduce programs . Here we go :- Most important process of mapreduce program is shuffling of outputs produced by map function . So we… Read More Hadoop :- Tuning of mapreduce program