HIve Tables and insert data

HI,   In this we are simply going to create a table with fields separated by tab “\t” character This a simple one  ,   let’s start , here i will provide only code in hive :- Sample data :- 2016-01-08T12:27:05.565Z 1452256025 836871 2016-01-08T12:27:12.634Z 1452256033 800798 2016-01-08T12:27:12.632Z 1452256033 795799 2016-01-08T12:27:13.694Z 1452256033 820359 2016-01-08T12:27:15.821Z 1452256036 294141… Read More HIve Tables and insert data

Hive Dynamic Partion on stock data

HI , In this blog i will explain how can we do dynamic partiton . Aim :- to create a table in which we dont want to define our partition column iin the end . Lets say we have stock data in  this format :- exchange,stock_symbol,date,stock_price_open,stock_price_high,stock_price_low,stock_price_close,stock_volume,stock_price_adj_close NYSE,GRT,1996-04-29,16.87,17.00,16.87,17.00,17500,3.75 NYSE,GCH,1998-02-02,10.59,10.76,10.08,10.19,190000,4.73 NYSE,GWW,2002-04-30,54.70,57.09,54.60,56.07,453200,49.10 NYSE,GGG,1991-12-02,22.75,22.75,22.62,22.62,29600,1.17 NYSE,GWW,1988-05-24,53.43,55.12,53.00,54.91,361600,9.70 NYSE,GLT,1997-04-11,14.08,14.19,13.75,14.19,16500,8.53 NYSE,GMT,2009-03-30,20.38,20.61,19.67,19.97,1448400,19.37 NYSE,GMA,2005-05-02,20.61,20.67,20.15,20.24,64100,11.89 NYSE,GJW,2009-12-10,1.62,1.62,1.59,1.59,4500,1.59… Read More Hive Dynamic Partion on stock data

hive :- creation of complex table employee data , important queries

Hi, in this tutorial we will create table for emplouee data set , which will be in for of like :- “name”: “John Doe”, “salary”: 100000.0, “subordinates”: [“Mary Smith”, “Todd Jones”], “deductions”: { “Federal Taxes”: .2, “State Taxes”: .05, “Insurance”: .1 }, “address”: { “street”: “1 Michigan Ave.”, “city”: “Chicago”, “state”: “IL”, “zip”: 60600 }… Read More hive :- creation of complex table employee data , important queries

Installation issue hive

Hi Guys, SOmetimes while installing hive and written our first hive command to enter into hive CLI we get this prolem as i  also get the issue , therfore thought to share with you all . the problem will e something like ; user@ubuntuvm:~$ hive Logging initialized using configuration in jar:file:/usr/local/hive_0.1/lib/hive-common-1.2.1.jar!/ Exception in thread “main”… Read More Installation issue hive